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 Understand in a Better Way

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PostSubject: Understand in a Better Way   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:14 pm

Search engines are the most valuable discovery of this century acting as a bridge between millions of web pages and web users. It is really impossible to imagine web world without search engines. Millions of web pages will be converted into a chaotic disordered jungle without search engines. Useful websites may be hidden from the users and what information received will be of no use. Search engines work non stop to gather valuable information underlying in the million of web pages scattered on the internet.

Search Engine: Various Aspects

Visitors Point of View (Trying to Find Better Results)
Users enter the specific search query in the search box provided by search engines. Search engines perform their search and display all the relevant results found in the search engine directories.

Websites Understanding of Search Engines (To Provide Better Results)
Websites always want to be included in results of the search engines and get listed in the top 20 results by the search engines. Automated search engine spiders crawls the web by links. If a website qualifies on the certain search engine parameters it will indexed by the search engines.

People often categories crawler based search engines and human powered directories as search engines but both are different.

How Search Engines Work?

Search engines have certain algorithms for indexing web pages and displaying web results. The process followed by the search engines is incredibly complicated and detailed. In very raw terms search engines follow the following three different steps to display search results queried by you:

• User types the search term or query to the search box.
• Search engine software crawl through the millions of available web pages to find the search query matching.
• The results are ranked in order of the relevancy
Search engines primarily collect metadata about the group of items under consideration thorough indexing. Indexed pages require stored pages by the search engines to calculate the item relevance. Today search engines popularity graph has hiked in a way that they are responding to tens of millions of queries per day if they are indexing hundred out of millions of pages.
Today users requirement have also been changed. Querying a single search engine is not enough for today’s internet savvies. Searchboth.com presents a single platform to search almost all the top search engines on a single screen. Google and Yahoo are on default setting but user can get results from any search engines listed on the website.

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Understand in a Better Way
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